Meet Sonia Maloney – The Heart Behind the Lens

Hi, I'm Sonia Maloney, the founder and lead photographer.

My passion for photography is matched only by my love for storytelling and my dedication to preserving the fleeting moments of childhood.

A Passion For Preschool Moments:

My journey with photography began in 2014, but the seeds were planted long before then. I've always been mesmerized by the purity and authenticity of children's expressions. It's in the unguarded laughter, the shy smiles, and the curious gazes where I found my calling. Specializing in preschool photography, I've made it my mission to capture these transient moments and turn them into lifelong memories for families to cherish.

Crafting Authentic Experiences:

Photography, for me, is more than just a profession—it's a way to connect, to tell a story, and to bring joy. I approach each session with a heartfelt desire to create a fun and engaging experience for the little ones. I believe in getting down to their level, interacting with them in their world, and capturing the essence of their personalities.

The Philosophy of Smiles:

K. Cassidy Photography stands on the pillars of authenticity, joy, and connection. Our slogan, "Your Partner in Smiles", is a reflection of my approach to business and life. It's about partnering with parents and educators to ensure every child feels special and every moment worth remembering is beautifully preserved.

"Photography, for me, is more than just a profession—it's a way to connect, to tell a story, and to bring joy."

Sonia Maloney

Here's some behind the scene's fun!

Now, let's meet the team!

Each member brings a unique flavor to our studio, making every photo session a delightful and memorable experience. Whether capturing a child's first day at preschool or the proud moment of a graduation, we're here to freeze these precious milestones in time.

Smile Associate, Dallas Area

Maraea Bustamante

Married to Alex and a lover of the underwater world and movies, Maraea has been around photography for a decade. Her expertise in capturing smiles is unmatched, and her ability to connect with children shines through in every photo.

Smile Associate, San Antonio Area

Julieta Salas

Fun mom to a witty 12 year-old son! She truly loves working with kids of all ages and finds joy in making them laugh. Her years as a full time nanny are some of her most treasured moments and translates perfectly in this role. Julieta has been part of my teams success for 6 years.