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Welcome to K. Cassidy Photography – where tiny smiles are a big deal! We specialize in preserving the magical moments of childhood with our specialized preschool photography services. Since 2014, we've been partnering with families and schools in Helotes, Texas, and beyond, to capture the innocence and wonder of early years.

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At K. Cassidy Photography, we believe that every child’s laugh, every shy smile, and every playful expression is a moment worth preserving. Our mission is to provide unique and unforgettable images of your little ones during their most precious years.

"In the heartbeats of childhood, every giggle, every tiny step, every curious glance is a fleeting treasure. "

A few Testimonials

"K. Cassidy 5 stars ... 

Hiring Sonia as our school's official photographer has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Over the past six years, her incredible talent and creativity have brought out the best in our children, and her patience ensures every moment is captured beautifully. The satisfaction and happiness of our parents with her work is a testament to her skill and dedication. I highly recommend Sonia for any of your photography needs."

Valerie Lewis

"It has been a blessing to work with Sonia.  Her process is so easy for us and her pictures are always UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL! We have had alot of positive feedback from our parents about her work and we couldn’t be happier.  We will continue to use her and appreciate her professionalism!!"

Page Freitag

Little Oaks Discovery School

"My first time using K. Cassidy Photography was incredible. Sonia was very professional and a pleasure to work with. She went above and beyond to ensure the parents were happy. I am so excited to work with her in the future."

Ms. E. Schladoer 

Little Red Caboose, San Antonio, Texas 

The K. Cassidy Experience


Heartfelt Sessions

Our camera lenses are windows to the soul, capturing the spirit and individuality of every child.


Gentle Approach

With a gentle, playful touch, we create a comfortable and fun atmosphere, turning a photo session into a playdate with memories to keep.


Emotive Captures

Every child's story is unique, and our photographs narrate these tales with authenticity and love.

Meet Sonia Maloney – The Heart Behind the Lens

A Passion For Preschool Moments

Discover the story of Sonia Maloney, the creative visionary behind K. Cassidy Photography, and learn how her passion for capturing childhood's fleeting moments has shaped our unique approach to preschool photography. Delve into her journey, philosophy, and the warmth that she brings to every click of the shutter.

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