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Creating Lasting Impressions Together

Welcome, Elementary and Preschool Directors and Educators! At K. Cassidy Photography, we understand the profound impact of early childhood memories and the role they play in a family's life.

Our goal is to partner with your esteemed institution to capture these fleeting moments with the utmost care and professionalism, creating keepsakes that your parents will treasure for a lifetime.

Our Preschool Services

Our specialty lies in creating vibrant, season-themed, and graduation portraits that capture the essence of your child’s preschool experience. Whether it’s the blooming freshness of spring, the golden hues of fall, or the proud moment of graduation, we craft each session to reflect the joy and individuality of every child.


Why is K. Cassidy the go-to for preschool portraits?

It’s simple! We mix patience with a dash of fun and a whole lot of love for detail. Our goal? To capture the true essence of every child in a photo they’ll treasure forever.

How do you ensure the safety and comfort of the children during the session?

Child safety and comfort are our top priorities. Our team is trained to work with children in a safe, patient, and respectful manner, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone.

When can we expect to see the proofs?

Proofs are generally ready within one to two weeks after the photo shoot. After you make your selections, the final prints and digital files will be prepared and delivered as per the agreed timeline.

What themes do you offer for the photo sessions?

We provide a selection of season-themed backdrops for spring and fall, as well as special setups for graduation portraits, both individual and group.

What if a child is camera-shy or has special needs?

Our experienced team is skilled at working with children of all temperaments and needs. We take the time to ensure each child feels comfortable and never rushed.

Are there options for every budget?

Absolutely! We offer a range of purchase options from single prints to digital files. Our goal is to make sure every family has the opportunity to own these precious memories.

Let’s create lasting memories together!

Interested in bringing the K. Cassidy experience to your preschool? We’d be thrilled to discuss how we can bring our photography services to your school.